Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hunting for a sectional

In just a few short weeks, the roommate and I will be back in our vintage house in North Texas. We are saying goodbye (thank God) to a 2 year stint in West Texas while he finished his thesis. We have decided that a sectional is much needed for the den, and so I have been searching and searching for something mid-century inspired. While we have had a few authentic vintage Kroehler sofa's in our day, we feel it's best now to buy a vintage reproduction. So below is a sectional that I love, aside from the legs. Its at Macy's and is somewhat affordable, but I would expect a sectional to be more than a regular sofa. I would have to buy some danish modern legs to replace these square ones. Anyone have any favorite sectionals or sofa's they can direct me to? Thanks!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Shadow Box Redo

I just love this shadow box that we found in a friends attic, under a pile of fluffy insulation.  Several attempts to restore this old beauty failed, but we finally found the right glue, and small aquarium rocks.  When we found the shadow box, the original border mirrors were missing...
So with some spray paint, rocks and glue the finished product came out just right. My roommate now has a spot to display his favorite glass set and rocks (he is a Geologist). Hope everyone is well!