Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vintage Pyrex and modern food

In my attempt to greatly reduce any animal meats that I eat, I decided to diverge from the traditional Thanksgiving turkey or ham this year. So, I went to the health food store and bought a Tofurkey and cooked it up in a good old large Pyrex casserole dish. So, what is this Tofurkey thing? Its a vegan tofu alternative to turkey, and I must say it was gooooood. My roommate and I ate the whole thing. It was strange getting prepped to eat a tofu turkey, but it didn't hurt that it was in pyrex. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I loooove Tofurkey. My first year of it was a little hard to get used to but now I crave it every Thanksgiving. I saw a recipe online once where they glazed it with Jack Daniels that has intrigued me ever since. Might try it one year but this year, just the good ole normal one!

  2. I was very closed-minded about anything tofu until about a year ago, when I made a tofu cheesecake for my son-in-law. Now I actually like it. I'll have to try Tofurkey.