Thursday, November 8, 2012

... Time goes by...

For the past year, the roommate and I have been living in West Texas while he gets his thesis done. You would think in a small town there would be great estate and garage sales.... WELLLL... it seems everyone now-a-days looks on ebay to see what vintage stuff sells for. Anything that is of vintage goodness is priced pretty high. Very discouraging. Soon, we will be back in the Dallas area, living it up in a vintage house again. I am counting the days. Until then, I am enjoying my previous collected vintage wonders, and enjoying the great 1950s items that friends bring when they come to visit. I can't wait to get collecting again... and get this blog back in shape...
Until then, I read everyone's blogs, enjoying everything that is going on with y'all. Mick and Mary Deluxe have come a long way! I'm watching the clock... will be back soon!


  1. Your posts have been missed, and we'll be glad to have you back in the Dallas area with us, blogging and estate collecting happily again.

  2. Yay! Good to have you posting again, Im 99.9% sure I have that clock in the picture above! Can't wait for you all to be back!