Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The big Thanksgiving Day swap

This past week, my roommate and I headed back to good old Dallas to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving. My friend Megan and I planned to swap some vintage things that we had sitting around.
I was more than happy to take this 50's shadow box off of her hands:
Believe it or not, we found this shadow box in her attic a year or so ago! Who knows how long it had been there, but it was buried in a layer of insulation. Megan started re-doing it, but hasn't had the time to finish, so I'm going to take it over! I just have to figure out how I am going to restore it. I love this thing. In return, I gave Megan my set of Mar Crest Swiss Alpine dishes:
A good thing about having vintage loving friends is being able to pickup things for each other, and swap. Megan is a great friend, and estate sale companion. I can't wait to move back to North Dallas in a year so we can start sale-ing again.
Also over the trip, one of our friends returned a mid century lamp she borrowed a few years ago. I had forgotten how big this lamp is:

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving 2012!


  1. The shadow box is marvlous! I'd say you and Megan had quite a good swap!

  2. Nice trade. Wow, you're right - that lamp is huge!

  3. That shadow box is sooooooo googie! And the lamp is massively amazing.

  4. I just sealed the deal to purchase the same wall shelf/shadow box. This is a Turner Wall Accessory mirrored wall shelf. It's item number is 8650.

    I can send you pics of mine if you need to see it in its original form.

    BEAUTIFUL piece!!!

    AWESOME find!!!