Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kroehler and other fun finds

The estate sale i went to last weekend wore me out. I didn't feel like going to any sales this weekend at all. Ever feel that way? So here is more stuff from last weeks sale that I saved from going to Goodwill:

Starburst wall plaques. Never used. Oh they will be used now!

50's patio table

A set of these tea bag holders. I have seen these on ebay and thought they were always so cool, but pricey. I snagged a set of 5 with holder.

Kroehler sleeper sofa. It great condition. Its currently sitting in the work room, waiting for its resting place in the office, which will now double as a guest bedroom!

And last but not least, a neat old MCM table in great condition:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bunting Lawn Lounger -

We went to a mid-century estate sale this weekend that I could tell a hundred stories about. From the two witches that were first in line that felt the need to take price tags off all the furniture so they could claim it all, to the extremely friendly estate sale company that gave me fee stuff, and gave me unreal deals. One of the items i bought was another Kroehler sofa (this one is a sleeper!). I'll post about that and the other great stuff later. I showed up to pickup the sofa about an hour before they closed yesterday, which was the last day of the sale. This chaise lounger was still there!! The initial price on it was way high (which was weird, because everything else at the sale was priced really well), so it was left alone by the dealers. Seeing as this vintage beauty was about an hour away from being donated to Goodwill, the estate sale company sold it to me for $25. It is in excellent shape, I absolutely love it. There is a problem though..... I don't want it outside to blow around, I don't want anyone to see it and steal it, I don't want it to get rained on, I don't want it to get sun bleached, I don't want birds crapping on it. It's one of those things that I love so much I don't want it serve its real purpose! I have the same problem with the parent's wedding Blue Heaven China dishes. I know some of you have vintage loungers... do you leave it out in the sun and leave it exposed to the elements? Maybe I should wheel it into the house and only bring it out for special occasions like a bbq. Its so comfortable. I'm sitting on it now as i type. Let me know what you think... as for now its going back in the house!