Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sentinel radio redo

Not that I have time to play around with redoing anything other than my living room, I found this old radio at an estate sale today. It was banged up bad, and I figured it would give me something to do after work. So, some turquoise spray paint, white spray paint, q-tips for the lettering, and some gloss coat spray paint... and tada!. I made myself a nice little shelf ornament...


  1. Looks fantastic! You did a fantastic job.

  2. Love that dial!...esp the numbers!

  3. That radio looks awesome. Good job!

    I'm happy I chanced upon your blog, where was I all this time?!
    I love retro-tech and design. Will definitely follow!

  4. I recently went to a yard sale, and it looked like this woman had not bought anything new since 1965 or so. I was in heaven. MCM stuff was everywhere, and since the woman had passed, her children were selling it for next to nothing. I got a great Daystrom dinette with 4 chairs and a leaf for $10. Like you, I already have a nicer set, and the chairs need work. Any tips on recovering? Is the turquoise material you used really bright or true to the traditional color?