Sunday, June 19, 2011

say hello to my little friend..

Greetings from red hot Texas. Its hot.
Haven't been blogging lately because me and the roommate are busy remodeling living room #2 (the disapointments room). We did make some time on Friday to do some garage sailin' with Megan. I picked up this 50s asian lamp. I love it, i just wish it had some marking so I knew who made it. Seems to be Chalkware.?.? He has a female mate, but the owner said he accidentally broker her in the 1960s. Anyone have any ideas what company this could be from? He cleaned up really well. Now the hunt begins to find his female counterpart!


  1. My grandmother had a pair of figurines very similar to that, but I have no idea who made them. I'll be on the lookout though.

  2. Love him! Wow, that's a great thing to find at a garage sale. I mean, who would want to get rid of that??? :)

  3. super cool! how cute is he :)