Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kroehler and other fun finds

The estate sale i went to last weekend wore me out. I didn't feel like going to any sales this weekend at all. Ever feel that way? So here is more stuff from last weeks sale that I saved from going to Goodwill:

Starburst wall plaques. Never used. Oh they will be used now!

50's patio table

A set of these tea bag holders. I have seen these on ebay and thought they were always so cool, but pricey. I snagged a set of 5 with holder.

Kroehler sleeper sofa. It great condition. Its currently sitting in the work room, waiting for its resting place in the office, which will now double as a guest bedroom!

And last but not least, a neat old MCM table in great condition:


  1. Those starburst wall plaques are AMAZZZZZZING! I simply adore them! Very nice finds.

  2. I love it all...but the sofa is making me green with envy.

  3. You and I have about the same kinda taste! Crazy about the star bursts, sofa looks great!

  4. Nice finds! Especially love the sofa and the star bursts.

  5. Wha-ow! That sofa is the bomb. Those are hard to come by in good original condition. Everything else is fabulous too. That must've been one heckova sale!

  6. Great finds! Love that little patio table and I'm a sucker for anything starburst.