Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Washing machines of yesteryear - the best

I recently researched modern day washing machines thinking that I may want a HE front loader. Glad I did my research because I realized that the washing machine that I want isn't made anymore. Why would i want a machine that uses low water and washes everything in a gallon of water? gross. I would rather have a slightly higher water/electric bill to have a washer with tons of water, sudsy soap, a great agitator, and most off all the now extinct lint filter.
Why did they do away with the waterfall of recycled water flowing into the lint filter? Just goes to show things were made better back then. My next washer will hopefully be a beat up old piece of crap machine with a light-up control panel, tons of buttons and tons of charm! (no offense to front-loader HE fans).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

neat little vintage phone table

Ugh I can't wait for garage sale season. I've been so desperate for some new vintage stuff that I risked being an hour late for work today so I could go to an estate sale. It was worth it, I picked up this 50's phone table. I have absolutely no place to put it, so for now it is floating around in living room #1 (living room #2 is currently the "disappointments room", but I'm not disappointed in this purchase). I love it!

Anyways, being at this estate sale was like watching soft porn. This was a small small house, and I have never seen people rubbing up against each other in a frenzy to get by each other and fit in these small rooms. This was a survival of the fittest type of sale. When I was squatted down looking at this table, one very old lady simply shoved my ass to the side with her shin so she could get to a hand held can opener before anyone else got it. Jeez.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

some vintage reading

When I get bored I like to search the net for pictures of abandoned buildings. I love the occasional abandoned piece of furniture and other odd old finds that are left behind. Anyways, while looking at pictures of an old abandoned insane asylum in New York, I saw that a former patient authored a book back in 1949. Readers had some good stuff to say, and so I bought it for 50 cents on Amazon. I am so hooked on this book now! It's about life in that hospital through the eyes of the author back in the 1940s. Crazy stuff. If you like old books, this is a good one. The Snake Pit by Mary Jane Ward.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vintage cards with my favorite card

Its been yet another crazy winter in north Texas. Another week of ice, lots of snow, electric blackouts and 10 degree temperatures. Today was the first day the roads were drivable and I could not wait for some good old vintage fun. My favorite card of them all, Megan came over and we do like we always do, sit, talk, play cards, and use only vintage things. Tonight's setup (in the picture) was a friendly game of gin rummy with classic finger sandwiches, lemon cake (I ate half of it) and hot tea. Let me tell you those vintage Pyrex carafes with the candle cradles are one of the best inventions ever. They keep hot water hot for a pretty long time. It was a great time as always, a nice change from being snowed in for a week.