Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miles of tiles

All i can say is I've been tiling for days. Who knew tiling could make your muscles ache? subway tiles are very time consuming, but I am already pleased with how things are looking. I'm also pretty impressed with the magazine rack/ toilet paper holder my roommate made to take the space of the removed wall furnace. I can't wait for this project to be over!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

the 50's pink bathroom I never knew...

I'm sure my guest bathroom was once a beautiful site. Pink tile with elephant gray bullnose trim. When i bought the house 4 years ago the tile already had a few layers of 'tile paint' applied to it. As the years have gone on, the paint has chipped revealing the beautiful tiles that once were. Unfortunately the tiles were all scoured so the paint would stick. I made a tough decision last week. I had a tile painter come over and give me a quote on stripping all the paint and repainting the tiles white (keep in mind there is NO restoring these tiles, they are all scoured). After getting the EXPENSIVE quote, I decided I could redo this bathroom myself and give it the vintage honor it deserves for about the same price. So thirty minutes after the tile painter left, I started chipping off all the old tiles. Here as some pics of half way through, and after they are gone and the floor is leveled. Notice that back in the 50s tile was laid on 1 1/2 inch slabs of concrete (even the walls!). To give my house the vintage guest bath it so badly deserves, I am going to go with white subway tiles on the walls, with black subway trim tiles as an accent. The floor will be black and white octagon tiles. The hole in the wall left by the wall furnace (my skilled plumber removed this and capped the gas line) will become a built-in magazine rack.
The original tub is staying. The original toilet is forming a crack, and so it must go. Anyways, I'm sad that I'm removing tiles that were apart of an original 50s pink bathroom, but I am also excited about having a fresh new bathroom that compliments the days of old.