Monday, November 8, 2010

Vintage woes......

the sales have been hit or miss lately. We have found a few things, but some have not turned out so great :( . Sometimes a vintage item that you pickup doesn't always workout, and when that happens in this house, it goes in the "disappointments room" :). The disappointments room is worth it's own posting, but for now I'm writing about a few items that are making their way into that room, and eventually into another loving home.

Last weekend I found these Jadeite casserole dishes. They say Fireking on the bottom, and needless to say I scooped them up and took them home.. and my roommate says 'Did you see it says "Fireking ... not microwave safe.... 2000"'? Ugh I missed that! Is it awful that I don't even want to use them now????

Then there is this Lux clock. I love the shape of it and its overall look. Problem? every minute on the minute you hear the number flip. I can't get used to it!

...and finally, Tommy found this set of 8 curtain panels in excellent condition. We just don't know if they are vintage enough for any of the rooms, or would really fit the style of the house.
What do you think? Am I being overly negative about these thing? I just feel if I don't reeealy appreciate something, it should go to a home that would love it.


  1. Oooo well, I have documented a whole lot of vintage disappointments!

    The awesome Sputnik clock, that is SO loud, there is no place to put it without the LOUD grating noise thundering throughout the house. =(

    The vintage barkcloth I got in black and pink and blue, but the seller neglected to mention, the black was really gray.

    Or the atomic tablecloth I thought was white, black and red, but turns out, it was white black, red and dark green. Ugh. Not my color palette.

    The "vintage 1960's Eames" sculpture heads that turned out to be 2009 IKEA or Pier One Imports. =(

    The world clock model that had a few breaks in the molecule structure parts not mentioned by the seller... =(

    The crushed lampshades and broken lamps and the lamps that need to be rewired, and the sellers with bad attitudes lol...

    Items mailed in their ORIGINAL boxes. Criminal...

    Can you see why I have not been buying much lately?

    So I suppose we all have these things. Lessons learned. At least we didn't go on Antiques Roadshow with a $5,000 investment only to find out, it was a $200 repro lol...

  2. Oh dear, I have a whole seconds house full of things like that. But then again I store most of it and use it for set dressing, decorating sometimes its just not meant to be :/ Maybe you could put the clock in another room? like the livingroom or somewhere?

  3. 1950s Atomic Ranch - yes, if i think about your ebay problems it does kind of make me feel a little blessed :) kidding.
    Mick - i hear the number flip everywhere. I think it is purposely trying to drive me crazy. It is beautiful though.

  4. Love the clock. Just unplug it and only look at it twice a day? LOL I have some of the repro jadeite also, and I actually use it. That way, if it breaks, no biggie...make your peace with it. I dunno about the curtains- looks too Colonial Revival for your taste. ;)

  5. Hmmm, I get what you're saying. But I have to say that regarding your repro Fireking stuff... that sounds fickle-ish to me because they are still usable. Plus, like SusieQT says, if they harm no foul. But that's just my opinion. Have you thought about consigning your disappointments at a vintage store or antique mall? You could then get a return on your investment, and still make room for the stuff you love. That's what I do...


  6. I always figure the price of thrifting is a few mistakes. You get something for fifty cents or a dollar and when you get home you smack your forehead and cry, "What was I thinking?" Better to make buying mistakes this way than from a store. That's why we have thrift stores--so we can remove the evidence of our errors!

  7. I would definitely use the repro. jadeite. Although, I'm surprised that they aren't microwave safe.

    Love that clock! I'd just unplug it and use it as a decoration.

  8. Use the repro Jadeite! And keep in mind, it's reproduction, but not in the fake way. Same company, same molds. Not faked, just reproduced. It's an homage, if you will.


    (I followed Missouri Michael over here. He's sorta my hero.)

  9. Utah Oilfield TrashNovember 10, 2010 at 3:53 PM

    I maybe interested in the Fire-King repros. My wife would love them for her birthday later this month! email me:

  10. Hahaha! Those clocks, I've had a few and they are noisy. I had to get rid of the one next to my bed...I couldn't sleep! I like the jadeite, and yeah, its still usable. I'm a total upgrader, I'll keep something until I get an upgrade of a better one, then its off to the yard sale pile :-) I think those curtians may be destined for ebay too...not masculine enough for you fellas! Lets see the rest of the disappointment room what else you got hiding from us? lol.

  11. Oh I love the sound of the flip clocks. Well maybe mine is quieter than others. But there is something about it that just resonates with me. But on the subject of regrets.....I have heaps of them. Sometimes I arrive home only to put an item in a bag headed to goodwill.

  12. I thought there was something 'unusual' about the SIZE of those jadite casseroles. Too bad. It's hard to always be 'on our toes' when shopping.

  13. I've definitely had a few vintage "finds" turn out that way... I know what you mean- one of the most frustrating things is when something "vintage" turns out to be a reproduction or worse-from Ikea! Haha but generally I've come to the point where if I don't love it, I sell it. In theory at least. Currently I have a lot of stuff that fits that category- I just don't have time to sell it all! But cool clock! I'd use it as a decoration if you really love it...