Monday, October 11, 2010

HUGE mid century modern lamps, lucite dinette and other finds

I can't say I had much luck this weekend...
so all credit for this weekends finds go to my rad retro roommate Tommy, and Megan for calling him frantically Saturday morning to tip him off about an unreal estate sale.

This is what he found!
Giant MCM lamp..... its 5 feet tall:

and this giant lamp table.... It's almost as tall as me:

This near MINT surfboard coffee table. It has a label of 'Brown Saltman of California':

At the same sale was a 6-chair Lucite dinette in great condition (seat cushions are going to be redone). The table is grayish brown glass. I couldn't take a picture of it because there is absolutely no room in the house for it, its in the garage disassembled.

Also found, a set of 25 turquoise/gold glass set, MCM ashtray, and recipe box:

We decided the Lucite dinette will need to be re-sold to another MCM home after we sew the vinyl cushions. Its a little too MCM for this house (if that makes any sense at all). We are still deciding on whether or not to keep the giant lamps. It's times like this that I think it would be best to open a booth at the local vintage store!


  1. Oh. My. God. Those lamps. Incredible!!!!!

  2. OH MY GOD THOSE GLASSES!!! YOU LUCKY BASTARD! (That being said with much love) oh i'd kill for them! What great finds I have 12 in that same pattern and some day will finish the set of 16 haha! Tommy's a keeper!

  3. Fantastic finds!!! I really love that coffee table!

  4. I love the lamps but especially the glasses, boy I wish we had yard and estate sales in the UK!!

  5. Damn it's so hard to find TALL lamps!

    I started out cautiously buying these atomic bedside sized lamps for my BIG living room, and figured out: Uh, hey, BIG room needs BIG lamps!!

    Score on the couch and glasses too. Yeah, the table seems a bit 1970's to your 1950's, so sell it so you can get more 50's goodness!

  6. Dude-you hit the jackpot! You don't happen to live within 2 hrs of western NY, do you? I'd take that sweet dinette set off your hands for you....

  7. You should keep the second lamp and the surfboard coffee table!

  8. what amazing finds!!!!! that coffee table looks amazing in your living room! =)

  9. OK Mick! Keep your hands/eyes off those glasses! Aren't they great?!
    Love the coffee table too. Nice finds.

  10. oh the lamps...i wish i could bring the home...:)...are u serious about selling them

  11. I have a Brown Saltman table that a friend gave me last year, Ive been trying to find more info about it with not much luck.