Monday, October 25, 2010

vintage glasses and 78rpm records!

Once again I had no luck this weekend... but my roommate and Megan did! I'm so glad we all keep an eye out for each other when we are at sales.
Since acquiring a 1940's working record player, I have been on the lookout for 78's to play on it. Megan hit a sale this weekend and found a very cool vintage 78 holder with about 50 records in it..... all for a buck!

We've got hours of fun old music to listen to! Megan also found me a Pyrex carafe to add to my collection (also a dollar), and Tommy found a set of 5 vintage drinking glasses....

Thanks kiddos!

Craigslist woes....

this is just a quick post to rant. I am selling my old (modern) bedroom furniture to make room for the 50s bedroom set that I want use. So, I posted it on craigslist and a girl called and really wanted the set, we made plans for her to come yesterday at 6pm to get it. She even texted me in the morning to make sure everything was still on schedule. So, I clean all the bedroom furniture, move it out into the kitchen so it will be easier for her friends to move. They NEVER show, and they didn't answer any of my calls. So finally I said screw it and me and Megan go have sushi. Later last night, the girl called at 12:35 AM!!!!! I didn't answer, and the voicemail she left was just people talking in the background. I've had ok luck with craigslist, but this is my first brush with a seemingly irresponsible person. I HATE that someone I don't know now has my number, address and my first name.
ok thanks for listening.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

back from Maine

I haven't posted anything in more than a week because I got to go back from a visit to my "home".... Maine. I am originally from this unbelievable state. Its absolutely beautiful this time of year, and I love the cold, windy beaches. My parents also headed up there for my Mom's 50th yr high school reunion. We all ventured up Hwy 1, and if you have never been there there are lots of antique stores and 1950's motor courts. Take a look at the 1950s pink bathroom at one of the motor courts i stayed at!

I love staying at old motor courts:

I got my fill of lobster rolls and steamers. When I finally got back home to Texas I was ready to get out the Pyrex and whip up a nasty casserole! Hope everyone is doing great!

Monday, October 11, 2010

HUGE mid century modern lamps, lucite dinette and other finds

I can't say I had much luck this weekend...
so all credit for this weekends finds go to my rad retro roommate Tommy, and Megan for calling him frantically Saturday morning to tip him off about an unreal estate sale.

This is what he found!
Giant MCM lamp..... its 5 feet tall:

and this giant lamp table.... It's almost as tall as me:

This near MINT surfboard coffee table. It has a label of 'Brown Saltman of California':

At the same sale was a 6-chair Lucite dinette in great condition (seat cushions are going to be redone). The table is grayish brown glass. I couldn't take a picture of it because there is absolutely no room in the house for it, its in the garage disassembled.

Also found, a set of 25 turquoise/gold glass set, MCM ashtray, and recipe box:

We decided the Lucite dinette will need to be re-sold to another MCM home after we sew the vinyl cushions. Its a little too MCM for this house (if that makes any sense at all). We are still deciding on whether or not to keep the giant lamps. It's times like this that I think it would be best to open a booth at the local vintage store!

Monday, October 4, 2010

smoky estate sale...

Hit a really good estate sale this weekend. The house was a little smoky to say the least. But hey, loving vintage means you may occasionally find something you love that is smoky, moth bally, or just old smelling. Usually I can get the smell of smoke out of stuff I have bought, but nothing is getting these shapely pillows smoke-free. I love the shapes of these old things, they go perfect on my couch. They fluffed up really nice after their long soaking, but peeee-uuuuu its gonna take some drastic measures to get the stink out of these. Next step - sealing them up in a plastic back with Bounce dryer sheets. Hopefully a couple days will do the trick.

happiness is...

entertaining friends using nothing 'new'.