Thursday, September 16, 2010

We've got some catching up to do...

Work has been crazy busy. I usually spend my evenings at home on my laptop working. The joys of a career in troubleshooting software bugs. That, combined with the fact that I couldn't find my camera for a week left me helpless. So I finally found the camera, here is whats been going on around here lately....

I've been lamp crazy lately. Bought this pair (ebay) for the master bedroom redo. They are in the living room right now.

Had some pyrex luck. I've been waiting a year to find some butterprint pyrex at a garage sale. This past week I found two garage sales with them! Also got some pink gooseberry fridge dishes for my friend Megan who has put me on a quest to find her pink pyrex. This makes 3 pink pieces so far!

...and on a sad note, i bought this beautiful turquoise lamp on ebay. It arrived broken. I was seriously sad about this, the lamp was beautiful. This is a photo of the back of it, it was broken in 2, and lots of little pieces broken off. Luckily, the seller was very honest and kind, and refunded the full amount. Hooray for good ebay sellers.
Hope everyone is doing well!!!


  1. Love the gorgeous blue items you got, those lamps are gorgeous, such a shame about the one that broke :-(

  2. Poor lamp, what a beautiful color it was. So glad the others arrived intact!

  3. That's too bad, glad you got a refund. The living room looks great! I may be tempted to glue that lamp and take a partial refund! Zootsuitmama

  4. Oh gee, always a heartbreak when a vintage goodie is broken... =(

    Yes, perhaps you can attempt a repair...?

    As always I love to see pics of other peoples homes, such an inspiration!

  5. Love your new lamp. Here is a link to my blog which shows my grandmother's lamps which look like your broken one. My lamps have the original shade:

    Always looking for new followers. I regularly follow your blog!

  6. What a wonderful bunch of stuff you've got going on! I received a toaster through ebay and the mechanism that carried the toast down and raised it back up (Sunbeam Vista radiant control)wouldn't work right. The seller actually paid for the mechanism to be fixed! (it cost around 15 bucks) anyhow, it's been working like a charm since and its been about 5 years now. The seller didn't have to do that for me. Truly honest and professional sellers like that are few and far between.

  7. I love your frontroom you have some gorg items and it all works great together. I have bought some 50's items that havn't worked but i have been lucky enough to find a repair man that retores vintage record players and valve radios. Good luck with trying to repair yours hope it works for you. dee