Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Carlo of Hollywood art

I can't believe I found these by a dumpster.

Kidding! I would just like peoples opinion on his art. I don't own any Carlo works, but am debating weather or not i want to. The thing that I am attracted to is the frames. They come in trapezoid, distorted shapes that I love. So, am i up for paying $150 just because i like the frame? Or perhaps I haven't found the right Carlo piece to fall in love with? These go for a pretty penny on ebay.

Anyone own any of his pieces or frames? My fear with buying art on ebay is the condition it will actually arrive in (water damage, etc), so I may have to search locally. I do love his frames though, I wish I could make something like this.


  1. jeeez had me going there!

    Yup, it's not so much the artwork, but the frames I love. I plan on doing a lot pf my own artwork for my house, and also planned on making some custom frames, just like these!

    A set of real Carlo are waaaaay too expensive for my blood, sweat and tears, and the art just isn't all that "outstanding".

  2. Those frames are amazing! They kind of overshadow the art inside them they are that fabulous!

  3. Love the frames too! Not familiar at all with Carlo. I would look around locally to ensure you get what you want and paid for.

  4. If you can get them for $150, I would snap them up in a heartbeat! You could always re-sell the set if you wind up not liking them. I only own one Carlo. When I bought it of E-Bay I thought it was pretty, but I was really surprised at how much MORE I liked the picture in person. The online pics don't really convey how nice they really are.

  5. The frames are made from sandblasted or wire brused Douglas Fir. Very popular look back in the 50's. They also made wood paneling like that and gave it names like etchwood and surfwood.

  6. I have a Carlo painting which is extraordinary. If anyone is interested email me at and I'll attached pictures.

    The painting framed is 47x67 and has stimulated many a conversation.

  7. I have a Carlo painting of 2 flamingos. It's gorgeous but not in the original frame. I would love to know the value if anyone has an idea, please post.

  8. I have the same paintings as you Retro Keith, but mine have a green wood frame & moons in the
    back, did you happen to sell these? If you did,
    would you mind letting me know how much they
    went for please?

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Are you planning on selling your set? I'd be interested depending on price if you are.

  9. I have a Carlos of Hollywood painting 5x3 feet. Signed, original gallery sticker and 1965 item number on back. Is a gallery that could help me find out more on this price?

  10. I just purchased this pair at a vintage store in KY. They had $295 on the pair, but had marked them down to $195. The owner gave me an additional $20 off. They will join my Green Lady by Tretchikoff. Happy that I pulled some money out of savings for them.

  11. Carlo Of Hollywood For Sale... Pair Of Framed Watercolors
    Ebay auction # 271668859688 Thanks