Friday, September 24, 2010

1950s Kroehler furniture

I love Kroehler. Sometimes you can find it at an estate sale for super cheap (I have a 1930's Kroehler char i got for $20 bucks at a garage sale), and sometimes they go for a pretty penny. I have always wanted a chair /sofa set but can never find them. Finally this week at a vintage store I found a set, and after some haggling I grabbed them up! I love this set so much, I love the color, and the little gold flecks throughout the fabric. Im going to rent an upholstery cleaner from the store and clean these up (I can easily cause a plume of dust to come up if I pat my hand on them). So here they are, in the living room ready to be loved. My other vintage furniture that was in here is now in the second living room, which doubles as the vintage dumping ground of things i need to find a place in this house for. That's a whole other blog!
Anyways, hope everyone is doing great!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

todays surprise find..

I have a thing for 50s lamps lately and what sucks is i rarely find them at garage sales, and never with a fiberglass shade. Until today! I found this little slice of 50s heaven for $8. It needed some cleaning up, and i re-wired it. It now proudly shines it all its turquoise glory.

Also... Lilly and her nasty frog say "hello!"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We've got some catching up to do...

Work has been crazy busy. I usually spend my evenings at home on my laptop working. The joys of a career in troubleshooting software bugs. That, combined with the fact that I couldn't find my camera for a week left me helpless. So I finally found the camera, here is whats been going on around here lately....

I've been lamp crazy lately. Bought this pair (ebay) for the master bedroom redo. They are in the living room right now.

Had some pyrex luck. I've been waiting a year to find some butterprint pyrex at a garage sale. This past week I found two garage sales with them! Also got some pink gooseberry fridge dishes for my friend Megan who has put me on a quest to find her pink pyrex. This makes 3 pink pieces so far!

...and on a sad note, i bought this beautiful turquoise lamp on ebay. It arrived broken. I was seriously sad about this, the lamp was beautiful. This is a photo of the back of it, it was broken in 2, and lots of little pieces broken off. Luckily, the seller was very honest and kind, and refunded the full amount. Hooray for good ebay sellers.
Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Venturing out of the neighborhood

I realized this weekend that my neighborhood isn't the only place in the world that has estate sales. I took friday off from work, and me and a car full of vintage loving friends drove 20 minutes south, into Dallas. Oh my, did you know that the really rich neighborhoods tend of have even nicer vintage things? Well hell who knows what I have been missing out on. Not only did we all find good stuff, we all left happy and I bonded with a couple of guys that were running one of the estate sales. Its nice to have career dealers on your side. One of them may sell me an old Kroehler chair that has been sitting in their garage. Anyways, here are some finds and purchases from this weekend. Thanks Megan for the huge butterfly pyrex casserole!!

Pyrex starburst with warmer. If you love Pyrex, you know why I'm scared to even touch it
(pretty rare).

$4 gravel art. I finally have one!

Pyrex and Douglas glass tea pot

atomic magazine rack.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Carlo of Hollywood art

I can't believe I found these by a dumpster.

Kidding! I would just like peoples opinion on his art. I don't own any Carlo works, but am debating weather or not i want to. The thing that I am attracted to is the frames. They come in trapezoid, distorted shapes that I love. So, am i up for paying $150 just because i like the frame? Or perhaps I haven't found the right Carlo piece to fall in love with? These go for a pretty penny on ebay.

Anyone own any of his pieces or frames? My fear with buying art on ebay is the condition it will actually arrive in (water damage, etc), so I may have to search locally. I do love his frames though, I wish I could make something like this.