Monday, August 30, 2010

this is not pink, its salmon.

I've been short on blogging time lately due to me remodeling the master bedroom. Major pain, but its almost done. Time to start picking out some stuff for the walls. I found this beautiful SALMON colored plug in light. Where am I going to put it? Well right smack dab above the headboard, centered. Easy access for some late night reading. I loooooove this light, i think it will make a nice contrast against the jadeite walls. I got it on ebay, and actually had an above average experience... I bought a few things from this seller who combined my shipping, and then actually REFUNDED part of the cost after the shipping didn't turn out to be quite as much. I never saw it coming. Glad to see there are still great sellers out there.

Monday, August 23, 2010

is it too early to put these up?

another hot day today in north Texas, the rain storms lately are short and furious, blowing over trees and barely watering peoples yards. Days like these make look forward to the coming months filled with week after week of cool weather and reasons to bust out the vintage holiday decorations. I love old holiday stuff. Right now I am admiring some of my newly acquired Halloween decorations. Some of them I bought because we had them when i was a kid. These little dudes will only be locked up for another month before they are put out to add some old Halloween charm in this vintage house of mine. I kind of want to put them up now...

Monday, August 16, 2010

mid century art.... and a baby chair?

got a hold of some mid-century art this past weekend at a garage sale. I really needed this stuff cause some of the walls are looking bare. the back label on one of them says 'Turner Wall Accessory". They look nice, and compliment the mid-century sofa. I'm always glad when I find stuff i really need. Now the flip side of this story is that a few weekends ago me and Megan got a ton of stuff at an estate sale. there was a cool old baby high-chair with cracked-ice vinyl that was $20. It was nice to look at, but neither of us wanted or needed it, so we didn't give it a second look. The other day I was driving by that particular house and they had a bunch of trash on the curb. I saw the baby chair sitting there waiting for the garbage man!! No way I could let this be lost forever in a landfill. I grabbed it, and I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with it. Megan is creative, I'm sure she can take it home and repurpose into something cool that I would never think of. Anyways, glad i rescued this, even though i don't need it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

unselfish thrifting

This summer I have been on the lookout for pink Pyrex for my friend Megan. Believe it or not I actually found a casserole dish this past weekend at a garage sale for $4. It was in an old box, next to a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter (still had peanutbutter in it), with a 'best by' date of 1985. yuk. Anyways Megan freaked over her Pyrex..... i don't know whats better, finding a vintage treasure for yourself, or finding a vintage treasure you know a friend will love.