Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the overpriced craigslist sofa set

So there is this CL posting in my area for a 50s sofa and chair. I love the shapes and have wanted a sofa like this for a while. I see you all can find them in usable shape for around $50. This listing is honest and says the upholstery is shot and needs to be redone. So I emailed the seller and told them that reupholster would be around $1000 for the set, so I offered him $50. He is asking $300. Of course he hasn't written me back, but I don't think its really worth anything at all due to the cost of the redo. I thought I'd give it a shot since I don't come across these that often, but i guess i'll keep on looking...


  1. Funny, I was just wondering myself what a re-upholstery job might cost. Yikes, yeah, if you can get something like this for next to nothing, then it's worth it, otherwise, hold out for one in better condition or for free. =)

  2. when i was looking to furnish my apartment i went to kijiji. i found this couch that i loved but was way to big for my place. they only wanted about 200 bucks for it. i found it at a local vintage store and they were selling it for 850! I couldn't believe it! Good luck on your mission for the best couch!

  3. I wouldn't go any higher than a $100.00....they are hard to find aren't they?