Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My vintage loving friend Megan

I often talk about Megan. She is me and my roommates good friend that comes over often to sit around the old vintage living room to kill a few bottles of wine. She is also a collector of all things vintage, her place is overflowing with retro goodness. So much so that she is selling some stuff on Etsy now. So, if you want some good old vintage stuff from a house where its been treated properly checkout her shop. She has pyrex, kromex, fabrics and other oldies but goodies. I guess her stuff is so cool that it got featured on the front page of Etsy.
I tried to sell some stuff on Etsy and it bombed miserably.


  1. Some people do great on etsy and eBay and others don't, me included. That's nice of u to promote her store by the way.

  2. I'll definitely check her out! I need to do it myself! Zootsuitmama

  3. OOHh I love those Bamboo sunglesses she has!! She has some cool stuff thanks for sharing.