Sunday, July 4, 2010

Last weekend's cheap fun finds

There were NO garage sales this weekend. YAY! I need to stop spending anyways. So here are last weekends finds that I was to busy to write about. Last weekends garage sales were good and cheap, take a look...

Vintage carafe find thanks to Megan!

Vintage wardrobe thing. thought it would help me stop throwing close on the floor (notice that clothes on the floor around the wardrobe thing). $5.

vintage projector for Megan. original box is full of vintage home movies! It is sitting on another Cosco rolling tray! this one has awful contact paper on it. It will be easy to redo, and it has an electrical cord connected to it. $5 for projector, $5 for cosco cart.

Matching Kromex canisters with paper towel/plastic/foil holder and matching bread box. $5 for all. I was so happy about this.

$8 lawn chair. This one is in the process of becoming red!
Hope everyone is doing well and is having a great 4th of July!!


  1. You really did score! Wow on the matching cannisters, etc. What a bargain. I love the old metal shell cairs, getting ready to paint mine blue! Happy 4th, zootsuitmama

  2. Do you have any money left?? Wow, I thought I was a shopper, but you have me beat by a mile!!

  3. I love the cannisters and the other matching things, I also love your lawn chair can't wait to see it red.

    P.s. I am so jelous of your flamingos!! lol
    I have one and it is so darn sunfaded it's white. Can I get a YEAH for albino flamingos? =p

  4. Great canisters! I've been thinking of picking up a wardrobe thing for my guys, with the hopes of controlling the clothes mess. Thanks for confirming my inkling that it wouldn't work :)

    I haven't been to a garage sale in weeks and it's killing me....must.go.soon.

  5. Love the canisters and bread box!!! And that clock....and that chair....

  6. Keith, I've been watching "
    I dream of Jeannie" all day and after several kitchen scenes, im pretty sure you have the same canisters that Anthony Nelson has in his kitchen on Coco Beach! The episodes are on hulu if you;d like to take a peek, the episode "Americanization of Jeannie" its #8 of season one, and you see them right around 10 min into the show when Tony goes into the messy kitchen!

  7. that great carafe is actually a percolator! i got one at a thrift store about a year ago...all parts included, works like a charm! i love it.