Sunday, June 13, 2010

vintage end table and lamps

Im really trying to stick to my guns and not spend much because of my master bathroom redo that I was planning on paying a contractor to do. So this weekend I once again walked away from a few things that I wanted, but didn't need. I really do need lamps, so I snagged this pair for $18.00 (i know, not exactly garage sale priced, but the lady was an ex-antique dealer). I also found this vintage end table for $3 (thats more my kind of price). I cant believe i forgot to take a picture before i started restoring it, but oh well. This picture is in middle of the restore, I haven't done anything to the legs yet, and there is only one coat of stain on the rest of it. The brass cleaned up extremely well, it was black when i bought the table. The backdrop of the picture is the un-remodeled, scary, off limits, eye-sore of a second living room. This room stays dark when guests are over. It's awful. I will take pictures one day for everyone to see. I have grand plans for it though! Ok I am rambling...

Hope everyone is doing great!


  1. Ooo I'm with you on the contractor deal. And exactly the reason I don't post a lot of interior shots...

    But you snagged some excellent deals!

    One day I will find a pair of blond wood end tables similar to yours, like we used to have in the master bedroom. =)

  2. Wow! That table is great, and those lamps! Well, I kind of have a thing for lamps...good thing that you found them and not me!

    I also like the built in cabinet in the background! My house has one of those in the hallway for linens, and it's one of my favorite features in my house!

  3. Good deal even at $18.00. The table's cool too-and just think, at least you have a house to fix up! I rent, and really would like to own, but at 56, starting late! Zootsuitmama

  4. Ooh love it all! And I agree, definitely still a good deal at $18!