Wednesday, June 16, 2010

thats what friends are for...

My friend Megan strikes again... she always manages to find great things at goodwill and thrift stores. I only have luck at garage sales/estate sales. Today she brought over for me two pyrex/corning pieces that match other dishes that I have. In fact, all of the blue snowflake things I have are from Megans finds! She also snagged a vintage fondue pot. This is the final piece to the vintage fondue party we are going to have very soon to celebrate the kitchen remodle finally being done (just waiting on the floor people to refinish the floor). I grabbed some vintage fondue forks a couple weeks ago. I am supposed to be on the lookout for some pink pyrex to make up for all the things she finds for me. Talk about a need in a haystack!


  1. lol @ the pink pyrex *Goodluck*

  2. I love that "snowflake" stuff! And PINK pyrex. That's a tall order. Zootsuitmama