Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Please give me your opinon! Elmira vintage fridge

Just found an ad for a vintage style Elmira fridge. 8 years old, works fine and has an ice maker. $1000.00. I was not willing to pay that much. I emailed the seller about the condition, and also asked them if the formica dinette in the picture was for sale. The seller wrote me back and said that if I bought the fridge he would throw in the formica dinette which consists of 6 chairs (one is ripped). So, is this a good deal? has anyone owned one of these fridges? are they good? I asked the seller if me and my roommate could come over and look tonight. I could probably sell my old fridge for a couple hundred, bringing this deal down to $800.00. HELP i dont know what to do. 6 chair formica dinette and retro fridge for $1000.00.

Forget the fact that I am not supposed to be spending money.
**UPDATE**. Because of the age of the fridge (8yrs), the seller agreed to $750 if i pickup the fridge and dinette tonight.


  1. Remember to ask about warrenty, and if its had any problems before.

  2. NO, this is a bad, bad deal. Have you looked at brand new SMED refrigerators?

    Do not do it.

  3. You can buy an Elmira new, that looks vintage.

  4. Ahhh yes, I am familiar with these kinds of dilemmas!

    Ask yourself: Is the additional table something you can really use? Do you love it?

    Is it worth the risk of buying an 8 year old fridge that will likely "go bad" by 12-14 years old? (It's a new fridge, not built to last like the old one's were).

    A new Elmira is $2000-$4000.

    If you think, in 4 years, you won't mind maybe buying a new fridge, and you are gaa gaa over the table and chairs, then toss all caution and guilt out the window and run, don't walk and buy them!

    Tough to decide on these big things, isn't it? Keep us posted, and take photos when you get there! =D

  5. because of the age of the fridge, the seller agreed to $750 IF i pickup tonight. UGH

  6. I wouldn't buy them mainly because you said you were not going to spend money for a while. There are a lot of fridges and tables out there! Be patient and wait. Save your money this time.

  7. Something is wrong if the seller suddenly went from $1000 to $750.

    I think you're trying to buy everything at once and you should slow down. Stuff will be there.

  8. My friend is going through the same dilemma about whether to purchase an Elmira stove she found for $1000... With price tags way in the thousands for those, it seems like a good deal, but I dunno.. As some people have said, they are modern fridges, so 8 years is a bit old. That said, they're definitely high end, but still, not built like the old ones! And the old ones will always just have that authentic vintage feel and energy...

    For that much money, I promise you can find a phenomenal working vintage one (probably in the low hundreds or less!), that's ironically just about as energy efficient as today's models! (little known fact that 50's manual-defrost fridges are actually very energy efficient, since they were very well insulated and only needed a small motor, with no power used up to make it frost-free. It was the frost-free and later models that became energy hogs).
    That said, either way good luck, and let us know! :)