Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elmira Northstar Craigslist deal

First off, thank you so much for everyones emails and advice. It helped me negotiate the final price. So, my roommate and I went to the guys house last night and really liked the fridge. The man was very nice, and lived in a huge country mansion. He was converting his 50s kitchen to Tuscan (yuk), he said his wife is making him do it. So, for $740 I got the fridge that retails for $4000, and the guy threw in the formica dinette with 6 chairs and leaf, and a pedestal sink!! I really need the pedestal sink for the master bath redo I am doing. That saved me $200. The dinette is really nice, but some of the chairs need to be re-done. I ordered cracked-ice vinyl swatches to see what I like, but thats a whole other blog because I am going to try to redo them myself (yikes). So far I am very happy with this deal, as I got a pedestal sink that I need, and I just listed my regular fridge on Craigslist. Also, two months ago all i wanted was a formica dinette.. and now I have two. I am not sure what to do, I was going to put one of them in the formal dining room, but my roomie says that the nice 1940's wooden dinette needs to stay there. What to do, what to do. Thanks again for every one's help!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Please give me your opinon! Elmira vintage fridge

Just found an ad for a vintage style Elmira fridge. 8 years old, works fine and has an ice maker. $1000.00. I was not willing to pay that much. I emailed the seller about the condition, and also asked them if the formica dinette in the picture was for sale. The seller wrote me back and said that if I bought the fridge he would throw in the formica dinette which consists of 6 chairs (one is ripped). So, is this a good deal? has anyone owned one of these fridges? are they good? I asked the seller if me and my roommate could come over and look tonight. I could probably sell my old fridge for a couple hundred, bringing this deal down to $800.00. HELP i dont know what to do. 6 chair formica dinette and retro fridge for $1000.00.

Forget the fact that I am not supposed to be spending money.
**UPDATE**. Because of the age of the fridge (8yrs), the seller agreed to $750 if i pickup the fridge and dinette tonight.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

vintage kitchen restore... DONE!

this weekend i had the parquet floor in the kitchen/breakfast room professionally redone. The rest of the room (woodwork/molding/painting/de-popcorning the ceiling) was done by myself. I even spend a day re-texturing the ceiling with vintage swirly circles that are common in my neck of the woods in old homes. I tried to take a picture to show the ceiling swirls. In fact I tried to take an 'after' picture of the room, but you will notice its dark. So why would I take a picture of a room I am so proud of without the lights on? Well, the day after the project was officially done, i turned the kitchen lights on... and then ...pop pop pop.... the lights in half of the house go out, and so does the air conditioning. Circuit breaker is fine. Long story short, 3 new circuit lines have to be wired in the attic and walls this weekend. The AC, kitchen, dining room, fridge, and courtyard were all on the same circuit... BIG no no. Gotta love old-fashioned wiring jobs. Anyways during the day everything is beautiful, and i have the AC hooked up to an extension cord (very ghetto). Happy hump day! I'll post some decent redo pictures when the lights are back on.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

thats what friends are for...

My friend Megan strikes again... she always manages to find great things at goodwill and thrift stores. I only have luck at garage sales/estate sales. Today she brought over for me two pyrex/corning pieces that match other dishes that I have. In fact, all of the blue snowflake things I have are from Megans finds! She also snagged a vintage fondue pot. This is the final piece to the vintage fondue party we are going to have very soon to celebrate the kitchen remodle finally being done (just waiting on the floor people to refinish the floor). I grabbed some vintage fondue forks a couple weeks ago. I am supposed to be on the lookout for some pink pyrex to make up for all the things she finds for me. Talk about a need in a haystack!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

vintage end table and lamps

Im really trying to stick to my guns and not spend much because of my master bathroom redo that I was planning on paying a contractor to do. So this weekend I once again walked away from a few things that I wanted, but didn't need. I really do need lamps, so I snagged this pair for $18.00 (i know, not exactly garage sale priced, but the lady was an ex-antique dealer). I also found this vintage end table for $3 (thats more my kind of price). I cant believe i forgot to take a picture before i started restoring it, but oh well. This picture is in middle of the restore, I haven't done anything to the legs yet, and there is only one coat of stain on the rest of it. The brass cleaned up extremely well, it was black when i bought the table. The backdrop of the picture is the un-remodeled, scary, off limits, eye-sore of a second living room. This room stays dark when guests are over. It's awful. I will take pictures one day for everyone to see. I have grand plans for it though! Ok I am rambling...

Hope everyone is doing great!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Virtue Brothers stool and other fun finds

It was so HOT this weekend, I was surprised there were any garage sales at all. I managed to find quite a few, and I am not sure why I went because I am trying to slow down my vintage spending. I talked myself out of buying quite a few things, but did end up spending ten bucks. Not bad. I first grabbed a vintage kindling holder. Why would I need this if I don't have a fireplace in my house? For magazines or rolled up towels in the guest bathroom of course! I also got some vintage fondue forks. Why would I buy these if I haven't eaten fondue in 10 years? So I can have a vintage fondue party with my weekend posse! (Megan, lets search for some recipes). Finally I grabbed a Virtue Brothers stool that was in great shape. It wasn't even for sale, but when someone has a garage sale in their driveway I tend to get nosey and peek in their garage to see what else may be available for the right price. I spotted this stool and asked the owner if he wanted it, and he said "I thought about selling it but didn't think anyone wanted something that old and ugly". hehe little does he know...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!