Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here I go again...

I did not want to spend money this weekend. $200 later I bought a 'few' things. There are some weekends where I walk away empty handed, and there are weekends like this one where there were treasures at every garage sale. These are times where I tell myself that I won't ever find these things again, so I better get them. For starters, I found some Frankoma pottery. I didn't know what this was, but I knew it was cool. Also found some matching salt and peppers shakers for my Blue Heaven china set. The best find of all was a buffet with two matching end tables. VERY danish modern, and really look good in the living room. I don't regret anything I got this weekend, well maybe this vintage WESTCLOX wind up clock that I really don't need. the buffet and end tables are so cool, and are in great shape. Take a look. I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The changing colors of my vintage glider

Well, it wouldn't be one of MY projects unless I ended up repainting something I already painted. And so goes today's project of restoring the my vintage glider. Here is how today went...

Started out rusty and a blotchy yellow.

I then primed it.

And finally, sunny yellow! I DIDN'T like it.

So then, turquoise! I LOVE IT! I spend more on spray paint then i did for the glider.

In the middle of all of this, I found time to de-rust and polish the chrome on the formica dinette. Its a humble beauty!

I took today and tomorrow off from work to 'relax'. I don't think I've been so tired in all my life!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vintage glider

Just like with the formica dinette, when it came to a vintage glider I am glad I did not rush out and buy a replica. I've really wanted one of these for a while now, and they haven't turned up at any garage or estate sales. So, I once again turned to Craigslist and posted a 'wanted' ad. A few days later I got a response for a double glider for $35. My roommate and I had to drive 45 miles on Sunday to get it, and the place looked like a meth house, but it was well worth it! I'm now just trying to decide what color it should be..... I think its time to venture away from Jadeite and Turquoise. I think I am actually going to restore this to its original color, yellow. I'm off work for the next 5 days, and I hope to de-rust the formica dinette chrome, and get to work on this bad boy. I hope to have some 'after' pictures to post soon!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Out with the new, in with the old!

This has been the busiest and craziest week and weekend ever. Its been super busy at work, and this weekend we had a garage sale (or should I say a mid-century carport sale). I have cleared my house of 95% of its "modern" decorations that I have had since i graduated from college. The "new" stuff went on sale at my garage sale this weekend, and stuff sold like hot cakes. I think I will have another one this fall. Garage sales suck to run. Its was hot, humid and people love to haggle (YEP, I got a taste of my own medicine). Someone even tried to switch price tags on items... can you believe that????? Anyways I am very thankful for the much talked about Megan, and my roommates brother for helping. So, now that this new stuff is out of the way, I have room for the wonderful old things that I have recently got that I had no room for. Friday I picked up this 3 bulb lamp. I wish it had a manufacturer marking on it. I need to get my hands on some sputnik bulbs for the two sockets the current hold xmas lights.
Also got this 40's dish set with the coolest garden patter on it. I don't need to use the plates for anything other than display, so I gave half of them to Megan so she could enjoy them as well.... And another beautiful Pyrex carafe/warmer came my way thanks to Megan's thrifting skills. I'm dead tired from this weekend... hope everyone is great!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The gift that keeps on giving!

Thank you ZuitsuitMama and my friend Megan! I received my giveaway prize from ZuitsuitMama - this awesome bowling ball lighter! It came wrapped in a vintage curtain. Now I couldn't let that curtain go to waste could I? Thanks to my handy dandy friend Megan, the curtain is now oxy cleaned and made into two pillows! Take a look!! I am so excited!

Monday, May 17, 2010

FINALLY! My own little formica dinette

Last week I was supposed to buy a formica dinette from a co-worker that is moving out of the country. Unfortunately that didn't work out... the formica was in pretty bad shape. So, me and my roommate headed over to Craigslist. Ideally I would have loved a turquoise dinette.... you know the ones that have the silouette of a steaming tea pot in the formica. Well those cost a pretty penny, and until I stumble across an under priced one at a garage sale, I found the next best thing! Formica dinettes are a lot cheaper of you buy the table and chairs separately, so we got the table from one person, and a set of 5 turquoise chairs from another. The cracked ice formica is in GREAT shape. the chairs are also in great shape, other than the chrome needs to be de-rusted (not hard to do). Take a look at the pictures, I have an extra chair floating around the table, but it adds to the breakfast room. The chrome isn't done yet on the table or chairs, so please excuse that. And PLEASE excuse the floor, after years of work I am almost done with the kitchen/breakfast room, but I have not restored the floors in it yet. Floor is a TOTAL embarrassment, but I absolutely LOVE MY PIECED TOGETHER DINETTE!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A formica dinette could be in my immediate future!

I was mentioning my struggles to find an original 50's formica dinette to a co-worker that is moving out of the country with her fiance. Would you believe she has one? And come to find out her house is mid-century modern filled! I knew she was cool but come on! She is selling a lot of their things that her fiance's company won't pay to ship. I am going to her house tomorrow after work to see what could be mine. I can't wait. Don't know if I'll sleep tonight. She said I can have first pick of everything since her moving sale isn't until this weekend. can't wait can't wait can't wait.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To buy or not to buy....

I was just thumbing through the internet searching for a formica dinnette. I stumbled upon the Target website and was surprised to see replicas are starting to surface. I guess retro is really 'in' these days. They even have Cosco chairs with step stools. Interesting. I Don't think I am going to buy any of these because the thrill of the hunt is half the fun, and then actually owning history is the other half... but it's kind of cool to see that some things are coming back. One 'new' item I am considering buying is the vintage glider/ patio chairs that Lowes carries. Not sure if all of this stuff has been on sale for a while now and I am just now finding it. I am sure most of us believe "they don't make 'em like they used to". Makes me wonder if these things can last as long as their original ancestors.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Giveaway in DeluxeVille!

If you haven't seen it already, go here and take a look: . Mary Deluxe is over loaded with lamps and is giving one away! If you never have seen her blog, get ready for hours of great reading ahead of you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I found a box of pink bathroom tile.. IN MY GARAGE

I still can't believe this. I have a storage room in the 'garage' that is full of old paint cans and 'stuff' that the old owners left behind. They left a lot of stuff behind that I have yet to clean out. Behind those old paint cans is a box. It says Dal-tile. In the box is a pot of gold. Many Many pink bathroom tiles and elephant grey border tile. This changes everything. I am assuming these tiles are the leftovers when the original master bathroom (now a guest bath) was built. Over the years this bathroom and it's pink and grey tiles have been painted over. I briefly thought of stripping all the paint off, but I know there are a few cracked tiles, and the paint hides it. But now there are tiles that have been quietly waiting for 57 years to be used. Now I want to have the bathroom professionally stipped of all its tile paint. I can replace the few broken tiles myself. I can't imagine how much it will cost to have it professionally stripped. Should I try this myself? I hate the way the paint stripper smells, and its a major pain in the butt to do. I don't know what to do, part of me wants to put wainscoting over the painted tiles to hide the paint job, and NOW part of me wants to restore the whole thing. what to do...what to do...

Monday, May 3, 2010

retro redo - paper towel/ tin foil holder

So this weekend i got this cool vintage aluminum foil / paper towel/ wax paper holder at an estate sale for like 75 cents. It was nasty, but I saw potential. When i got it home i got to work stripping it, cleaning it, and giving it a fresh coat of paint. I even (i tried my best) got the lettering highlighted in white paint. THAT was a pain. But now it looks great in the kitchen, and holds all my tin foil and plastic wrap! so much more to restore... so little time....
I reeealy wish i could find more 'retro' spray paint colors, but the best i can find is this turqoise and a muted yellow. Anyone know of any great retro spray paint colors out there please let me know. My local hardware stores pretty much just have the basics.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What a day! More rolling trays and a tv lamp!

I went to an estate sale first thing this morning, and without a doubt I got there before any dealers or other vintage lovers showed up. When i walked into a bedroom the first thing that caught my eye was a Kron siamese cat tv lamp sitting on a table in the corner. I quietly said "oh s**t", calmly walked over to it, saw a $1 price tag on it (i think i said another bad word), and quietly left the room. I felt like i had found a stack of 100 dollar bills and I didn't want anyone to try to snatch it out of my hands. I then walked into the kitchen and right in front of me was another Cosco rolling tray (I blogged a few months ago about the first one i found and restored). I thought I was going to freak out. Also in the kitchen was this cool paper towel/tin foil/ wax paper roll holder. It was rusty but that's not a problem. Also found a large serving dish that matches my dish set. By this time my roommate showed up to the estate sale and heard him say 'hey Keith', from that first bedroom I was in. I walked in there and he goes 'why didn't you take this one?', and I looked down and there was ANOTHER COSCO ROLLING TRAY. I then passed out. Just kidding. Me and my roommate have our work cutout for us restoring the old rolling trays, but that is seriously fun to do. I got started today restoring the paper towel/tin foil roll holder, so don't let its decay fool you. Take a look below. What a great day!!!!!