Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On a happier note... PYREX! TRAYS! CLOCKS!

I've been so wrapped up in this ebay mess with the mixer that I haven't written about the good stuff. I'll carry one with the mixer story later, but the seller told me i should have bought insurance. I filed an ebay and paypal claim. Anyways - I have gotten some nice things lately via a Church rummage sale, junk store, and my great friend Megan. Nothing says "great friend" better than someone showing up at your door with some old pyrex for you that they found at the Salvation Army. YOU ROCK MEGGERS. Here is what's been added to the 'almost done' kitchen. I'm still painting it :(

Pyrex carafes - can't get enough of 'em.

Pyrex casserole divided dish - goes well with the new wall color!

old GE clock so I know when my tater-tott casserole is ready!

Old Pineapple S&P Shakers. And beautiful old Pyrex creamers and sugar holder.... thanks again Megan!

I've had the middle big tray for a little while, but found some smaller ones to keep it company.
The rest of the kitchen looks like crap, but I'm working on it!


  1. I swear between you, me, and Michael we keep the damn carafe market afloat! Haha I liek the 2 smaller trays, your pyrex, and salt & pepper shakers! :) Hopefully you'll have better luck getting awya from Ebay for a while, iv got my eyes peeled for a mixer fo ya!

  2. My trays match! I can't pass up coffee carafe either. Maybe someday I'll have a massive coffee klatch. Zootsuitmama

  3. Zee-Mama, you host the klatch and we'll all come armed with massive numbers of carafes. What fun! I just posted about my newest additions to Christine's Carafe Collection, too. I LOVE the Pyrex and am awed by the sight of a sugar with an intact lid!!! Great stuff. PS--I thought that eBay sellers now had to include insurance in the S/H price, at least that's what I've been told recently.

  4. As an occasional Ebay Seller, I have learned NEVER to ship without insurance. But, that being said, I package the hell outta my stuff so there is no threat of breakage. The insurance in my case is because of my less than stellar confidence in the postal service! The carafes are sweet!