Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Need advice! Pleeeease

I think I am at a dead end with this one. I need to replace my out door motion flood light, which I am ok with because it is UGLY. I want the new one to be vintage, preferrably for an old ranch style (you know, the cone shaped ones with pinholes). It also has to be mouted from the ceiling of one of the eaves. I have searched and searched and can only come up with the same run of the mill flood light. Has anyone had any luck with this? I am guessing there is not much demand out there for a flood light with some vintage character.


  1. Good luck, the only thing I've ever seen is a weird plug in light.
    It was so bright that it had to be for outdoors.
    It was a white ball with stringy black paint drippins design. One side of the white ball was open and thats where the bulb was. [the bulb was like the one in your picture]
    It was very mod looking..but I never figured out what it was exactly for.

  2. Sorry, haven't ever come across one. But, the thought of making a new shade has crossed my mind. btw-the one you have there in the photo, that's the one we have :(

  3. How about something like this:

  4. Try looking for Vintage Industrial Salvage Lighting. I did a quick ebay search and pulled up some neat stuff. Good luck!