Thursday, April 1, 2010

I love these things... where did they come from?

I am lucky at finding these 50's dishes (candy dishes?) and vases that have gold flecked rims and flecked paint. I love them and now I don't pass them up when I find them. NONE have anything identifying the company they came from, just some hand carved numbers under the base. Does anyone else collect these? What is this style of gold flecked paint called? Does it have a name? Are they ugly and that is why I keep finding them? Was there a particular company that produced these things? Thanks for any help! Oh yeah, the picture shows them on my new little coffee table I found "on clearance" at an antique mall. I love the pattern on the top, but it doesn't show well on camera.

Hope everyone is doing great! Its been so busy at work.. I've been trying to catch up on everyones blogs... busy busy. I've been a total flake too, Mick from Everyone goes to Mick's emailed me to let me know I somehow turned the comments off on my other posts. WTF is wrong with me? :)


  1. Be careful or your house will be overrun with candy dishes. But then again, who cares? They're lovely. I would venture to say it's pottery made in California (not necessarily California Pottery) and probably graced somebody's grandma's end tables and held chocolate turtles or mints. That kind of finish on the vase is sometimes called brocade--I love the blue and gold together.

  2. I find a lot of these thingys, but in different colors. I love the ones with the gold trim..My orange one always comes out in the Fall. Why can't we pass them up? They are cool, that's why!