Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anthropomorphic stuff

Anthropomorphic - I still can't say it correctly, the word itself sounds kind of weird, but actually this is one of my favorite key word searches on ebay. The definition of it means giving human characteristics to animals or objects. The amazing thing about loving vintage is that every garage sale/ estate sale find that you take home can lead to a whole new world of something wonderful you didn't know about before. An example would be my previous post on Cosco serving carts - I had no idea these existed, and after doing research on it i want more more more. I also now have found the world of anthropomorphic kitchen "stuff". How did I ever get by without this salt/pepper shaker pair?

Same for the apple/ pair dishrag holders (the have little hooks at them bottom of them). I got these on ebay. Many of these old salt shakers were made with the Py stamp on the bottom and were made in Japan. I have now found another thing that I will no longer pass up at garage and estate sales. They are usually very cheap too!!

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