Friday, April 16, 2010

2 bad Ebays in 2 days

UGH. Listen to this and tell me what you think. Yesterday I got in my two salt an pepper shakers. They are beautiful... however the rubber stoppers on each are non functioning. One of the stoppers has turned solid, almost like glass and can not be budged. The other stopper appears to be inside the shaker, also solidified because it makes a rattling sound. I bought these shakers to use them. The seller did not post that they were not functioning or showed pictures of the bad/missing stoppers. So I wrote the seller and they responding saying I should have asked if it was functioning because most people just collect these for display. I wrote them back saying that on ebay ANYTHING not functioning should be disclosed. I would not have bought them. They asked what I wanted them to do and I said reimburse me for a pair of earplugs that I will attempt to use in place of the stoppers (if i can get one of them off). I have not heard back yet.
Situation #2. Today i receievd an email from the seller of the vintage food mixer i won and purchased exactly SEVEN days ago. Today they tell me that there is a problem with the shipping and they can't fit it into a regular box, and thus need $12 more dollars to cover the additional shipping costs. They also said they could refund me the purchase if I wanted.
So what do you think? Should I be upset in either situation? For one, when I buy something on ebay i expect to work unless otherwise stated. I also expect to not be asked for more money after I pay for an auction fair and square, not to mention they didn't try to ship this for a week. Should I blow it off? RRRRRrrrrg.


  1. you should try soaking the solidified stopper in warm water, or just let it set for a few days in some water. maybe you could break the other stopper inside with a pencil or an ice pick if your careful! As for the mixer... Id take it up with ebay, if the seller said it would be X amount then they should keep to that.

  2. You wouldn't tolerate this treatment if you purchased things from an online retailer like Amazon. Why should you tolerate it from these sellers? Flaws in an item should be included in the description, and prices shouldn't change once the transaction has been agreed upon. I would take this up with ebay. People like this give sellers a bad name.

  3. Having been on ebay since 1998, I kind of have a different perspective. You have to realize that even though most sellers try pretty hard, it is really up to you to ask questions before you bid. I have found that this is the easiest way to keep from being screwed.

    That being said, the first seller was remiss in not mentioning the stoppers - his reason sucks. Some people DO use them. Hopefully, you used paypal and can file a "not as described" claim.

    As for the second seller - I think they are being honest. They probably didn't realize. What I do in those situations is say "fine, I'll pay the extra cost - but I want a receipt for the shipping. If it costs any more than what you say, we'll have problems." They are being up front offering you a refund based on their mistake. It's fair.

  4. I'd say report the second seller to eBay. Let's be honest, too many sellers overcharge for shipping anyway, and most bidders take the shipping cost into account when deciding how much to bid. It sounds harsh, but if they underestimated the shipping, that's their problem, not yours. It's okay for them to ASK you to pay extra, but you're under no obligation. You agreed to pay a declared shipping amount and you're entitled to your item.

  5. oooh! I think they should stick to the original deal That's a good way to get a bad name on ebay! zootsuitmama

  6. If you got a good deal on the shakers, my advice would be to get the stoppers out and get new ones. In the second case, however, if you are quoted a price for shipping, that's exactly what you should be paying, not a cent more. One of the seller's responsibilities BEFORE they post an item is to figure out the shipping costs. If they underestimate, that's too bad for them and they need to ship out your item and learn a lesson from the experience. When I consider buying items on eBay, the price of shipping is usually a big factor since sometimes it's just ridiculously high. If they don't ship your item out immediately, report them to eBay.