Friday, April 30, 2010

Westbend cake carrier - today's fun find

Not once have I ever looked for a cake carrier. Where the heck would a carry a cake to? Hell, I've never baked a real cake. BUT NOW, i have a mixer! And I do believe that the vintage spirits were telling me something by putting this old Westbend cake carrier in front of me at the thrift store one week after i buy a mixer. It was 4 bucks. So I asked myself - do I really need this? No, but do i need half of the vintage things i buy? I can re-purpose it into a bread box. Sold! So, my new little cake carrier may say 'Cake' on it, but inside you will find home made bread and biscuits whipped together via my new mixer. Life is good :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the worst part of living in an old neighborhood

Well it happens every year, as soon as it gets warm. These critters appear on and around my house, and all I can do is put them in a cup and stick em in my neighbors yard. My neighbor who has lived here since the 50s says they've always been in this neighborhood, probably because there hasn't been any construction in this area for years and they just settled here. By the way the neighbor told me to put them in his yard when i find them :). I know tarantulas are harmless and help control bugs, but I just cant stand to see them. Ugh. Heebeejeebees for the next hour.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I cheated!

OK the mixer dilemma is finally over. I got my money back from the ebay fiasco and decided something like a mixer is too high of a risk to get via mail. So, I cheated and didn't get a vintage one. I went to Target, applied for a charge card so I would get 10% off, and I bought a new Kitchenaid Classic. It works, nothing is broken, the power cord isn't cracked and best of all I can return it if something goes wrong. I had to do it. It has a classic look and I love it. I would have loved go get it in yellow or another vintagey color, but they cost WAY more. I love this mixer, I've used it every day!

Ok no more big spending... back to the garage sales...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On a happier note... PYREX! TRAYS! CLOCKS!

I've been so wrapped up in this ebay mess with the mixer that I haven't written about the good stuff. I'll carry one with the mixer story later, but the seller told me i should have bought insurance. I filed an ebay and paypal claim. Anyways - I have gotten some nice things lately via a Church rummage sale, junk store, and my great friend Megan. Nothing says "great friend" better than someone showing up at your door with some old pyrex for you that they found at the Salvation Army. YOU ROCK MEGGERS. Here is what's been added to the 'almost done' kitchen. I'm still painting it :(

Pyrex carafes - can't get enough of 'em.

Pyrex casserole divided dish - goes well with the new wall color!

old GE clock so I know when my tater-tott casserole is ready!

Old Pineapple S&P Shakers. And beautiful old Pyrex creamers and sugar holder.... thanks again Megan!

I've had the middle big tray for a little while, but found some smaller ones to keep it company.
The rest of the kitchen looks like crap, but I'm working on it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ebay... the saga continues....

I guess there is a first for everything and this is awful! The mixer I ordered came in today... or should I say what used to be a mixer arrived today. The mixer's parts were rapped in bubble rap, and put into a box with nothing in between the parts to stop them from shifting and moving around. So I open the box and find the juicer cracked, and the handle and power switch completely broken off and in pieces. Little metal parts were at the bottom of the box, not sure which broken piece they go to. The body of the mixer itself was also terribly scraped from some sort of contact (was not like this in seller's picture). I emailed the seller and asked what they were going to do now. I am going to wait to see what they say before I file a claim or leave bad feedback. I am mortified.
Oh yeah, this was the seller that asked for more shipping money after the auction ended... we agreed on each paying 1/2 of the extra shipping. I should have taken a refund.

Hope everyone else had a better Monday!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

2 bad Ebays in 2 days

UGH. Listen to this and tell me what you think. Yesterday I got in my two salt an pepper shakers. They are beautiful... however the rubber stoppers on each are non functioning. One of the stoppers has turned solid, almost like glass and can not be budged. The other stopper appears to be inside the shaker, also solidified because it makes a rattling sound. I bought these shakers to use them. The seller did not post that they were not functioning or showed pictures of the bad/missing stoppers. So I wrote the seller and they responding saying I should have asked if it was functioning because most people just collect these for display. I wrote them back saying that on ebay ANYTHING not functioning should be disclosed. I would not have bought them. They asked what I wanted them to do and I said reimburse me for a pair of earplugs that I will attempt to use in place of the stoppers (if i can get one of them off). I have not heard back yet.
Situation #2. Today i receievd an email from the seller of the vintage food mixer i won and purchased exactly SEVEN days ago. Today they tell me that there is a problem with the shipping and they can't fit it into a regular box, and thus need $12 more dollars to cover the additional shipping costs. They also said they could refund me the purchase if I wanted.
So what do you think? Should I be upset in either situation? For one, when I buy something on ebay i expect to work unless otherwise stated. I also expect to not be asked for more money after I pay for an auction fair and square, not to mention they didn't try to ship this for a week. Should I blow it off? RRRRRrrrrg.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anthropomorphic stuff

Anthropomorphic - I still can't say it correctly, the word itself sounds kind of weird, but actually this is one of my favorite key word searches on ebay. The definition of it means giving human characteristics to animals or objects. The amazing thing about loving vintage is that every garage sale/ estate sale find that you take home can lead to a whole new world of something wonderful you didn't know about before. An example would be my previous post on Cosco serving carts - I had no idea these existed, and after doing research on it i want more more more. I also now have found the world of anthropomorphic kitchen "stuff". How did I ever get by without this salt/pepper shaker pair?

Same for the apple/ pair dishrag holders (the have little hooks at them bottom of them). I got these on ebay. Many of these old salt shakers were made with the Py stamp on the bottom and were made in Japan. I have now found another thing that I will no longer pass up at garage and estate sales. They are usually very cheap too!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

50s Cosco rolling serving cart

This ALWAYS happens. I started painting the kitchen and working on the crown molding today, and I get side tracked. In fact, I took today off from work to work on it but I found something at a garage sale. The first time I walked by this old rusty cart I passed it up because I wasn't sure what it was disguised in all its decay. The only thing that sparked my attention were the little clear wheels with silver flecks in them. I knew when I saw those it needed some TLC and a place in my home. So I paid the little old lady $4.50 (the cart was $4, and the silver fruit tray also pictured was .50 cents). I got it home and me and my roommate got to work on getting the rust off the chrome and polishing it. 2 cans of aqua spray paint later and its a born again serving cart. I can not believe how well this turned out. I owe it to my roommate, he showed me how easy it was to get rust off chrome with this weird cotton stuff (he freaked out when I told him at first I was going to spray paint the chrome). I love this cart. I can't believe it. Take a look at the before and after pics. It will look so good in the kitchen.... if i ever finish it....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What every vintage kitchen needs.....

a vintage mixer! Why have I put off getting one? Probably because my kitchen is not the best part of the house, its been a work in progress for the past THREE years. So, this weekend I am making a hard effort to finish the crown molding and re-paint it (the kitchen has been 6 colors since I bought the house, this years new color is jadeite). This being said I am going to retire my old hand mixer and get a Hamilton Beach, Sunbeam, Dormeyer or some type of mixer. I absolutely love all the possibilities with the attachments.
Please tell me, what type of mixer do you have? Color? What are your fav attachments? what type of bowls do you have... clear, milkglass or jadeite? Did you carefully put a new coat of appliance epoxy on it? I love this, its like shopping for a new car.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Need advice! Pleeeease

I think I am at a dead end with this one. I need to replace my out door motion flood light, which I am ok with because it is UGLY. I want the new one to be vintage, preferrably for an old ranch style (you know, the cone shaped ones with pinholes). It also has to be mouted from the ceiling of one of the eaves. I have searched and searched and can only come up with the same run of the mill flood light. Has anyone had any luck with this? I am guessing there is not much demand out there for a flood light with some vintage character.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vintage one night stand leads to love

Ever go to multiple thrift stores, can't find anything you want and you get so desperate that you pickup and take home the closest thing to vintage that you can find? Even though you know you will regret it tomorrow? That's what almost happened to me Tuesday. I found two "ok" things that were super cheap and decided to take them home. My intent was not to keep these, but to give them to other vintage loving friends this weekend, or hell just sell them. First - a 50s tea set with turquoise pine cones. I liked the pine cones and the oh so wonderful 50s gold flecks around the rim. It was super cheap but I was thinking that I'm really not the type of person to have a tea set. Oh well I want something vintage and I want it now, so I bought it. Also spotted 38 pieces of matching Corning/Pyrex plates and mugs. At this thrift store you cant just buy a few plates, you buy the whole set, or leave it. End of story. Once again these were super cheap, but maybe too 1970s for me. I bought them as well.

So here I sit days later completely in love with these purchases that I took home only because I was desperate for vintage. No more mixed-matched 50s dinner plates, I at least now have a full set of "70's ish" dinnerware even down to the 8 coffee mugs. As for the tea set, I'm not ready to give this up to a better home either. Pictured are my little finds (only about half of the dishes). They are keepers.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I love these things... where did they come from?

I am lucky at finding these 50's dishes (candy dishes?) and vases that have gold flecked rims and flecked paint. I love them and now I don't pass them up when I find them. NONE have anything identifying the company they came from, just some hand carved numbers under the base. Does anyone else collect these? What is this style of gold flecked paint called? Does it have a name? Are they ugly and that is why I keep finding them? Was there a particular company that produced these things? Thanks for any help! Oh yeah, the picture shows them on my new little coffee table I found "on clearance" at an antique mall. I love the pattern on the top, but it doesn't show well on camera.

Hope everyone is doing great! Its been so busy at work.. I've been trying to catch up on everyones blogs... busy busy. I've been a total flake too, Mick from Everyone goes to Mick's emailed me to let me know I somehow turned the comments off on my other posts. WTF is wrong with me? :)