Sunday, March 14, 2010

50's Lamps!

this weekend was a great lamp weekend for me. I visited this retro store that was having a moving sale, so pretty much every booth was 50% off. I was kind of ho hum about spending anymore money today.... until..... i saw these two lamps. Since they were pretty much buy one get one free, I snatched them up. I love them oh yes i do. the turqoise ovals with gold starbursts are pure eye candy. If only these beautiful pieces of history could talk. I have this bad habit of giving retro lamps and other retro things seniority... so some other 'older' retro lamps got bumped to a spare bedroom, and these took their spot. It seems I always put my new finds in the living room, where they are featured for a while, and then move to a different space. I think these lamps will wind up in the master bedroom anyway since they are a great pair. In addition to these, i found this orangish one for practically nothing at a thrift store. As you can see by the picture it currently sits in the 'extras' room waiting for its permanant space. I don't have a decent shade for it, and I can't tell if its too 70's or not for my liking. Either way it looked like a treasure in need of rescue, so now it lives with me :)


  1. That lamp with the turquoise is so fab! I found some saucers this weekend with some turquoise starbursts. Neeeeeato. Zootsuitmama

  2. wait, did I read that right? THERE ARE TWO OF THE STARBURST LAMPS!? Oh what a find! they are GREAT! the only draw back to table lamps is that you have to have said 'table' to put them on haha!

  3. Mick- yeah there are two of the starburst lamps.. they are great!