Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reeealy good estate sale

Its been a busy week, haven't had much time to do anything but work. I haven't had much time for garage sailing or thrifting either, but it just so happened there was an estate sale down the street from my house last weekend. Ever been to an estate sale that has so much stuff that you keep going back to see if you missed anything? And you keep going back to buy things? Thats what happened to me, this place had some great stuff, and the people had everything priced to sell. I finally filled up this 3rd bedroom I have with some beautiful old furniture. I was able to score a bed/headboard/footboard, two night stands, dresser, chest of drawers, two lamps, two chalkware figures and an old suitcase for $170. Fills the whole dang room up. I don't completely care for the lamps, but the seller wanted to get rid of them so she threw them in. I am so pleased with the whole thing. The furniture is late 50s (or thats at least what the lady told me that grew up in the house), and its in good shape. I finally have the guest room setup, except for replacing the floor trim, but hey thats for later. Best $170 I ever spent!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goodwill goodies...

I got REAL sick of sitting an my desk at work yesterday. I took an extra long lunch and headed out to the nearest Goodwill. Much to my surprise i found a few things buried in the dish aisle. First thing i found was this one old Syracuse Carefree Nordic pattern plate. Believe me, i dug and dug but could find no others like it. So i grabbed this one, along with an old Corning plate that reminds me of the set my parents had when i was little, and a Pyrex carafe. I love those old Pyrex carafes. I was happy when i left, definately worth taking a long lunch....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

50's Lamps!

this weekend was a great lamp weekend for me. I visited this retro store that was having a moving sale, so pretty much every booth was 50% off. I was kind of ho hum about spending anymore money today.... until..... i saw these two lamps. Since they were pretty much buy one get one free, I snatched them up. I love them oh yes i do. the turqoise ovals with gold starbursts are pure eye candy. If only these beautiful pieces of history could talk. I have this bad habit of giving retro lamps and other retro things seniority... so some other 'older' retro lamps got bumped to a spare bedroom, and these took their spot. It seems I always put my new finds in the living room, where they are featured for a while, and then move to a different space. I think these lamps will wind up in the master bedroom anyway since they are a great pair. In addition to these, i found this orangish one for practically nothing at a thrift store. As you can see by the picture it currently sits in the 'extras' room waiting for its permanant space. I don't have a decent shade for it, and I can't tell if its too 70's or not for my liking. Either way it looked like a treasure in need of rescue, so now it lives with me :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

What time is it? vintage CAL-DAK TV Tray time!

i FINALLY got in these CAL -DAK tv trays i ordered off of ebay.. took 3 weeks to come in! I could write a blog about how freaked out i was that they were lost or stolen in the mail.. how the seller forgot to mail them for a week... blah blah but they are finally here and i am soooo happy. they have the coolest time pieces / clocks all over them, with the traditional gold fecks from yesteryear. They are in perfect shape. Now all i gotta do is whip up some tater tot casserole to eat off of these beauties! Our friends that come over every weekend will now be eating off of these as opposed to the dinner table... i hope they don't mind, but who wouldn't want to stare down at these bad boys while your eating???

Sunday, March 7, 2010

$5 rule goes out the window

Well, so much for my rule about not spending more than $5 for something for the next couple of weeks. I found loopholes in my own rule.... I found two things I wanted, but one of them was over $5, BUT, the sum of both was under $10. So does this make it ok? Well screw it, if I want them I'll just buy them. So this morning I got these two little goodies, another vintage serving tray (I just love these things), and a 50's wire fruit holder. I seriously need some ideas on what I am going to put in the wire fruit holder. I'm not putting real fruit in it, and no glass grapes. I am thinking about multi-colored salt water taffy candies (you know, the kind that are pastel colored and are wrapped in wax paper). Should I try to find vintage wax fruit? Does anyone have one of these? what did you put in it? In my eyes this thing is beautiful on its own, but I would love to find something retro to put in it. Maybe i should flip through some old magazines.....