Sunday, February 14, 2010

Julia Childs retro dinner party

We have some great friends. Especially Megan, Sara and my roommates brother, Michael. Usually every weekend people in some combination come over and we all eat drink, play games and have a good old time. It was decided that this weekend would be set aside for recipes from the Julia Childs cookbook (of course served in Pyrex and Fire King). Everything tasted AMAZING. The one thing about these recipes is that they appear to take all day. My cooking usually consists of casseroles and dips, so I was in charge of the alcohol and dip. Megan made this awesome beef bourguignon with seared fingerling potatoes, and Sara made the best desert I have ever had - chocolate mousse with biscotti at the bottom. Both recipes have booze in them, and we were drinking while we were cooking and eating, so by the end of dinner we were all completely tanked. We of course had some retro music in the background, and Sara gave us a lesson on how to do the pony. If anyone has some time to kill one day you should give these recipes a try, and have yourself a vintage Julia Childs dinner party... it was WONDERFUL!!!!


  1. Ah, I had such a blasty. I think the themed dinner party thing is here to stay. Can't wait to start planning the next one! And I'm stoked to see you transition to ALL VINTAGE. You pretty much just plain rock! xoxo

  2. That sounds wonderful, and your dishes are lovely, too. I am so glad I just found your cool blog!

  3. Karma is so cool--what goes around, comes around. Those beautiful dishes are finding renewed life again! And props to everyone for tackling Julia Child--her recipes are awesome. Sounds like you had a great party!!