Saturday, January 16, 2010

I never buy from department stores..... however....

one of the best mid-century replica couches that I have seen for the past couple of years has been at Macy's. YEP. A couch is one of the few pieces of furniture that I decided I did not want to buy an original of, mainly because I never have found a good old sofa on craigslist or at estate sales that I would not have to re-do the fabric. I don't know how to do that. So I have been looking around for a while and finally decided to get the Carona sofa from Macy's. I LOVE IT. I am a little scared because I have read mixed reviews that after 6 months the cusions start to go flat. I dont mind stuffing them with a little more sponge if needed. I love the mid-century legs, the vintage fabric pattern, and the pear color. As always, I am frugal, so here is how I got it for the lowest possible price: It is listed for $699 here in Dallas. If you have it delivered it's an extra $100. Forget that, I told them I would pick it up at the warehouse.... so I did and saved some money. I also applied for a Macy's card which took another 10% off (I cancelled the card right after, I don't do department stores). Soooo, the $699 sofa cost me $705 after taxes. I had to haul it 35 miles, but hey it saved me $100 bucks.... cheap cheap cheap. Here is the sofa in the pic... I love it and so far i recommed it... but lets see how it holds up!! And yes, its comfortable!


  1. Lucky you to have $705 to spend on a sofa!! I wish I could. It's gorgeous, and so is your pup!!

  2. Great sofa (and Macy's will let you get away with cancelling the card like that? Cool.) My sister has a boxer and he's a great dog, even lets my dogs boss him around when we visit. Your pup looks gorgeous!

  3. Aww your boxer is such a cutie! If I had enough room I would collect boxers. lol