Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ebay buy - from bad to good

In my last post I mentioned that I just bought a 50's lamp on Ebay that I really liked, but was not happy with the seller. Normally when I shop on ebay I look for things that are in need of some slight TLC or repair, and I bid accordingly. If the bids get to high then I just let it be. In this case the lamp looked like it was in great shape, so I bid what I thought was a good price, and I won it! The seller expressed that the lamp itself was in excellent condition with no repairs needed. When it came in the mail there was a little problem, the turn switch that turns the light on was missing. I tried to take one off of another lamp in the house, but didn't fit. I was able to turn the switch with a pair of needle-nose plyers, but started getting a little miffed knowing that I was going to have to pay for a new switch. After a day or two of fretting if should contact the seller, I finally did. I explained that I would not have bid what I did had I known the switch that turns the lamp on and off was missing. I did not leave them a rating because they had a 100% rating and I explained that I was not the type of person to add negative feedback over this, but I most likely would not buy from them again. After a couple of days I got an unexpected email from the seller. She apologized over and over and explained she was out of town and that a helper had posted the lamp and shipped it, and that it is not like her to let something like this slip. She also gave me a $5.00 paypal credit. COOL! I wrote her back thanking her very much for doing that. The cost pretty much covers a new switch.

I have bought quite a few things in Ebay, and have never had a bad experience (knock on wood). This is the first time something was not 100% as described. I am thankful that the seller was willing to rectify the situation!!!! I love this lamp!!!!


  1. You were very smart not to post a reactionary negative on the seller, and she was very smart to finally contact you and make it right. You can always file a grievance with Paypal - you have 90 days to leave a negative if nothing changes.

    Great to see the good outcome though. Now, is your lamp working??

  2. Hey, how about showing off the lamp, dude! I've been lucky (again, knock on wood) with my eBay purchases--I just got a pretty good deal on a Fire-King "Tulip" grease jar WITH A LID and am hoping the p.o. doesn't smash it into a million pieces.