Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best estate sale ever

Yesterday I happened to drive by this house that had an estate sale sign in the yard. The sign was hand-made which means to me that it wasn't being run by some estate sale company that prices everything in the house like an antique store (I hate that). I think I was the first person there because there was some awesome vintage stuff absolutely cheap that easily would have sold. I snatched up an old mustard yellow living room chair, I LOVE IT, its so comfortable. Also got an aqua blue big-armed chair that is also very comfortable and the arms rests add to the comfort. Next to be snatched up by my greedy self was a vintage Zenith hifi am/fm radio/record player. Also got an old radio and xmas lantern. Found some cool dinner plates as well, I am actually going to eat off of these. Don't you love the feeling of finding great vintage things for great prices? Only bad part is cleaning the uphostry, but it needs to be done!


  1. I love the chairs and can tell the mustard one is comfy just from your photos. I've started collecting that dinnerware pattern as I'm seeing more and more of it in the thrifts. Which means it will be the next "Blue Heaven" to get discovered and priced too high. I agree with you about those estate sale companies. Outrageous!

  2. In the pciture of the yellow chair, I have that very same magazine rack at the Casablanca! Love that blue chair. IM off to go look through your older posts!

  3. Very cool. I need chairs myself, please send some over to my house ha ha....