Sunday, January 24, 2010

the awful coffin clock

Went to an estate sale today. Everything was pretty much picked over, and the seller was being very reasonable with people. Soooo I thought I would take a chance on a poor retro wall clock that no one wanted. The motor is broken which is no big deal, easy fix. It resembles a coffin, its dark green, but I like it..... i think. It's not 50's, maybe it's 60's, I'm not sure. It's retro, unique and therefore it's going in the dining room :) It doesn't match anything around it (right now its next to an old Tiffany lamp). Hopefully I can find a good spot for it, otherwise it could join the stack of retro things that have been found/bought that may need to find a better home. What do you think? Awful? It was $1.25.


  1. That green color is great! It would perfectly match the late 60s green that I have been using in my living room. I don't think that it's awful - the style is eye catching. Good deal at $1.25!

  2. And on that note, if you decide eventually that it needs to find a better home, let me know!

  3. Luuuurve the coffin clock. I think it looks great! Tick, tock...