Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best estate sale ever

Yesterday I happened to drive by this house that had an estate sale sign in the yard. The sign was hand-made which means to me that it wasn't being run by some estate sale company that prices everything in the house like an antique store (I hate that). I think I was the first person there because there was some awesome vintage stuff absolutely cheap that easily would have sold. I snatched up an old mustard yellow living room chair, I LOVE IT, its so comfortable. Also got an aqua blue big-armed chair that is also very comfortable and the arms rests add to the comfort. Next to be snatched up by my greedy self was a vintage Zenith hifi am/fm radio/record player. Also got an old radio and xmas lantern. Found some cool dinner plates as well, I am actually going to eat off of these. Don't you love the feeling of finding great vintage things for great prices? Only bad part is cleaning the uphostry, but it needs to be done!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the awful coffin clock

Went to an estate sale today. Everything was pretty much picked over, and the seller was being very reasonable with people. Soooo I thought I would take a chance on a poor retro wall clock that no one wanted. The motor is broken which is no big deal, easy fix. It resembles a coffin, its dark green, but I like it..... i think. It's not 50's, maybe it's 60's, I'm not sure. It's retro, unique and therefore it's going in the dining room :) It doesn't match anything around it (right now its next to an old Tiffany lamp). Hopefully I can find a good spot for it, otherwise it could join the stack of retro things that have been found/bought that may need to find a better home. What do you think? Awful? It was $1.25.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I never buy from department stores..... however....

one of the best mid-century replica couches that I have seen for the past couple of years has been at Macy's. YEP. A couch is one of the few pieces of furniture that I decided I did not want to buy an original of, mainly because I never have found a good old sofa on craigslist or at estate sales that I would not have to re-do the fabric. I don't know how to do that. So I have been looking around for a while and finally decided to get the Carona sofa from Macy's. I LOVE IT. I am a little scared because I have read mixed reviews that after 6 months the cusions start to go flat. I dont mind stuffing them with a little more sponge if needed. I love the mid-century legs, the vintage fabric pattern, and the pear color. As always, I am frugal, so here is how I got it for the lowest possible price: It is listed for $699 here in Dallas. If you have it delivered it's an extra $100. Forget that, I told them I would pick it up at the warehouse.... so I did and saved some money. I also applied for a Macy's card which took another 10% off (I cancelled the card right after, I don't do department stores). Soooo, the $699 sofa cost me $705 after taxes. I had to haul it 35 miles, but hey it saved me $100 bucks.... cheap cheap cheap. Here is the sofa in the pic... I love it and so far i recommed it... but lets see how it holds up!! And yes, its comfortable!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ebay buy - from bad to good

In my last post I mentioned that I just bought a 50's lamp on Ebay that I really liked, but was not happy with the seller. Normally when I shop on ebay I look for things that are in need of some slight TLC or repair, and I bid accordingly. If the bids get to high then I just let it be. In this case the lamp looked like it was in great shape, so I bid what I thought was a good price, and I won it! The seller expressed that the lamp itself was in excellent condition with no repairs needed. When it came in the mail there was a little problem, the turn switch that turns the light on was missing. I tried to take one off of another lamp in the house, but didn't fit. I was able to turn the switch with a pair of needle-nose plyers, but started getting a little miffed knowing that I was going to have to pay for a new switch. After a day or two of fretting if should contact the seller, I finally did. I explained that I would not have bid what I did had I known the switch that turns the lamp on and off was missing. I did not leave them a rating because they had a 100% rating and I explained that I was not the type of person to add negative feedback over this, but I most likely would not buy from them again. After a couple of days I got an unexpected email from the seller. She apologized over and over and explained she was out of town and that a helper had posted the lamp and shipped it, and that it is not like her to let something like this slip. She also gave me a $5.00 paypal credit. COOL! I wrote her back thanking her very much for doing that. The cost pretty much covers a new switch.

I have bought quite a few things in Ebay, and have never had a bad experience (knock on wood). This is the first time something was not 100% as described. I am thankful that the seller was willing to rectify the situation!!!! I love this lamp!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I love you, new sunburst clock

....We'll, its of course not new, but old new. I got it off of ebay last week because I have been shopping around for one of these for a loooooong time, and this one is exactly like the one my folks had when I was little. Something that especially drew my attention to it was that the clock motor was broken. NO PROBLEMO! Being broken I knew I could get it for VERY cheap, and I can repair it myself. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a clock kit. I carefully took the old motor off the clock, put the new battery operated motor on, fit the original hands back on the face, and like magic this old beauty has a new life. I decided a while back that I was not going to pass up beautiful old clocks just becasuse they were broken. Most of the time the motor can easily be replaced. This is all due to a tramatic experience where I bought a freakin awesome eames style clock at an estate sale a while back, only to take it home and it wouldn't work. So i returned it. I thought about that clock for a week because it was so cool (and $5.00). If i had been smarter I would just have tried to fix it. UGH. I won't let that happen again.
**Also photographed is a recent lamp purchase off of ebay. I truly love the lamp but am not happy with the seller. I'll complain about this in my next post :)