Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm in Blue Heaven China

This past thanksgiving I went over to my parents house. I watched in horror and excitement as my Mom dished out our food on BLUE HEAVEN CHINA FROM THE 50's. I was like "Where did you get those and why are you using them????" My Mom explained that they were a gift from my Grandmother back in the 50's and now they are my parents 'everyday dishes'. I could not believe it. I explained to her that these are hot little items for vintage freaks like myself, and I also informed her that she was losing custody of them and they were going to MY house to be put on display. She didn't mind as long as I bought her some replacement 'everyday dishes'. NO PROBLEM!
I now have an almost complete set of Blue Heaven China (give or take a few that my Mom said got broken). I bought a nifty little hutch to display them in. These dishes are now retired. I know a lot of people love to eat off of their vintage dishes, but I can't do it. I have a hard enough time using old Pyrex. I'm scared everything is going to break. MY QUESTION TO ANYONE THAT READS THIS.... do you use your vintage dishes / Pyrex? Or do you just display them? Do you also confiscate vintage things from your family like I do? :)


  1. Hi Keith,

    I use ALL my vintage dishes! Call me crazy if ya want but I use em to bake in, drink out of, and to eat with. If I have it, I'll use it!


  2. Some I use, some I don't. But if I had a beautiful set like that one, I think I'd be loathe to use it for fear of breakage! And believe me, I would confiscate something this cool from any member of my family in a heartbeat!

  3. OMG--you do know that Blue Heaven is my favorite pattern (which I frequently mention)! How could you not know your parents had these? I absolutely would not use my vintage dinnerware since my husband looks at things and they break, but that doesn't stop me from collecting it like a crazy person. And I am so happy you posted this picture--I had a feeling I had purchased a set of Blue Heaven butter dish w/lid, sugar w/lid and creamer (no lid) and now when I see them in your photo I'm positive I got what I thought I got! Welcome to my blog and I'm signing up to be a Retro Keith follower.

  4. Oh.my.God.
    I have my mothers old set of china called ChoChoSan, but it's nowhere near cool like this. It's 1950s "Japan style" that was huge then...Kiss your mom for me!!

  5. I use all of my Vintage dishes! I have peices for diffrent sets, but this post makes me want to go dig out this simi-ugly floweres pink and blue 50's set I know is hidden at my grandmas old farm.

  6. I am torn on this issue. I used to use all my Pyrex,melamine dishes, and aluminum cups, but the kids took them up to their rooms and either lost or trashed a lot of them. So now they are mostly hidden away until they are older, and we use dimestore thrift dishes in the meantime. Therefore, all our dishes are mismatched but very useable. I sorely miss eating out of our vintage dishware, but they'll have to remain on display or hidden for now.

  7. I have a collection of vintage pyrex and use it all the time, I love giving it a new lease of life and even the most boring dinner looks fab served up on those retro patterns, sadly it has led to a couple of breakages, but c'est la vie!