Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Front Door Restore - with a little help from Crestview doors

After two years of living with the plain jane front door, my roommate suggested we sand it down to the wood, and retro it up. So, after some searching and shopping, we decided on the "Pasadena" from They had so many cool retro window inserts it was hard to decide. When the inserts came in, it took about a day to strip the door paint, sand it, and cut out the windows. My old house is now a little more vintage!


  1. No way! No fair! You've gone and done what I've been dreaming of doing for the past year and a half! Looks wonderful :)

  2. now sells the glass inserts? Their doors are out of my price range, but the glass inserts? What?

    Time to take the door down and do some upgrading...I have a Grover...