Friday, December 27, 2013

Home Sweet Home

FINALLY! After two years in West Texas...we are back home. Back in my good old 1953 ranch style house in North Texas. We've actually been back for a few months and have been scrambling to find furniture to fill up the two living rooms /3 bedrooms this house has. When we to went out west, we sold a lot of vintage furniture so we would have less to haul. It really sucked to come back and see how much we needed to fill rooms up. So for starters, we found this hutch at an estate sale dealers liquidation sale. It was still more than I would normally pay at a garage sale, but was priced well, and we needed it bad. Its in great shape, and looks quite stoic in the 'formal' living room.

 Something else that was needed (among many other things) was a sectional. I have wanted one for a while now. Thanks to Craigslist, and a nice couple of dudes that were trying to sell it fast, we got this for a crazy good price. It found its place in the den.
 Hope all is well with everyone and I hope you had a great Christmas!
Happiness is being in North Texas. That's all I can say.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hunting for a sectional

In just a few short weeks, the roommate and I will be back in our vintage house in North Texas. We are saying goodbye (thank God) to a 2 year stint in West Texas while he finished his thesis. We have decided that a sectional is much needed for the den, and so I have been searching and searching for something mid-century inspired. While we have had a few authentic vintage Kroehler sofa's in our day, we feel it's best now to buy a vintage reproduction. So below is a sectional that I love, aside from the legs. Its at Macy's and is somewhat affordable, but I would expect a sectional to be more than a regular sofa. I would have to buy some danish modern legs to replace these square ones. Anyone have any favorite sectionals or sofa's they can direct me to? Thanks!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Shadow Box Redo

I just love this shadow box that we found in a friends attic, under a pile of fluffy insulation.  Several attempts to restore this old beauty failed, but we finally found the right glue, and small aquarium rocks.  When we found the shadow box, the original border mirrors were missing...
So with some spray paint, rocks and glue the finished product came out just right. My roommate now has a spot to display his favorite glass set and rocks (he is a Geologist). Hope everyone is well!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fiesta ware - the winner of our everyday dishes

I know we are like most vintage collectors... our cupboards are full of mixed and matched vintage dishes and  drinking glasses. We set a goal a few months ago to start with dishes.... pick our favorite patterns, narrow them down, stick with collecting one type and sell the rest.  The problem that we faced with 50s plates and china is that  most of what we found were chipped, or ended up being chipped by us over the past 5 years. The patterns however are phenomenal. The most durable we have are the Corelle dishes which are more from the 70's, but we don't like the patterns. So after much thinking and shopping around we decided to go with Fiesta!
We love the history behind these dishes and thought it would be best to start from scratch and purchase brand new sets of colors we wanted. These are going to be our everyday dishes, so collecting the 'old' dinnerware is probably not a good idea due to lead and radioactivity issues of the past. We decided on ivory, paprika and turquoise. We got several sets of each color. LOVE THEM! The best part is that these come with a 5 year chip guarantee.
We are now left with more mixed and matched dinner plates of the past then you can shake a stick at. We are keeping my parents Blue Heaven dish set that were a wedding gift back in 1959. These are display only. I also want to keep a 1940's set of dishes for special occasions. The rest, from Corelle to Franciscan are going to sold in our next garage sale to other homes that hopefully really need the pattern.  I look forward to having an organized cupboard, but fear what I will do the next time I see a beautiful vintage plate at a garage/ estate sale.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If it were 1920....

I would mail order one of these....
and one of these...
Can you imagine being able to mail order something so beautiful?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coffee thoughts....

I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee, watching an old episode of Alfred Hitchcock. I am happily thinking that in 9 months from now we will be back on our old old home in north texas, where the garage sales are plentiful and vintage items numerous. We have been renting in the far west texas desert for the past year  as my roommate finished his thesis. There is really nothing out here... no auctions, very few garage sales and the thrift store is pretty much 1980s and 1990s junk. I am very appreciative of the few small finds that I have come across. I am counting the days. 9 months and I will be back in my 1950s home with its original hardwood floors, gas range, crown molding and vintage rose garden. I miss sushi, rain, Megan and even Walmart (sorry Megan, didn't mean to put your name in the same sentence as Walmart).  I guess you really don't appreciate what you have until its far far away. Thank goodness I only rented our old house out instead of selling. I can't wait to be home again...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bought it just because they brought back the old logo

I really don't use Brillo pads, but the box at the store just sang to me. Especially the top of it, exclaiming its made with Shine-o-matic detergent! I wish more companies would do this. Nothing beats an old logo...